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Impaired Driving Curricula: Evidence-based Materials from The Change Companies®

Stages of Change

The Change Companies® is the industry leader in impaired driving education materials. We offer the nation’s most widely replicated early intervention model. In collaboration with state experts, we customize that model to match specific needs, program structures and populations served by our clients in many states.

As the impaired driving field has evolved, we recognize that people respond positively to empathy, respect and optimism. Interactive Journaling® resources can help. Developed by The Change Companies®, these evidence-based materials have proven effective in improving participants’ knowledge and attitudes, increasing personal responsibility and decreasing recidivism. We apply leading change theory throughout our curricula to help people make lasting change.

Interactive Journaling® for Impaired Driving Education

Interactive Journaling® is a structured and experiential writing process that motivates and guides participants toward positive life change. It helps program providers build consistency while keeping participants engaged and focused on their change goals.

Please contact us for a free consultation on Interactive Journaling® at 888-889-8866

Order Off-the-shelf Materials

The Change Companies® offers two engagement-focused curricula you can use off-the-shelf for impaired driving programs: Responsible Decisions and the six-Journal Flex Modules series. Both options take participants beyond basic education to start applying strategies for behavior change. They are effective for a range of impaired driving programs, from first- to multiple-offender populations.

Responsible Decisions is a comprehensive curriculum for impaired driving programs. Based on national standards for impaired driving programming, it includes these key topics:

  • Why am I here?
  • Laws and consequences
  • Alcohol, other drugs and their effects
  • Patterns of use
  • Thoughts, feelings and behavior
  • Personal change plan

The Flex Modules series is a modular alternative to Responsible Decisions, dividing the curriculum into six Journals for flexibility. The Flex Modules series is also available in Spanish.

Both off-the-shelf curricula include a course evaluation and pre- and post-tests for measuring outcomes. They can be used with Level I or II education interventions or as components of substance use treatment for impaired driving participants.

Boost Fidelity with Facilitator Guides

The Change Companies® also offers comprehensive Facilitator Guides for our impaired driving curricula. You’ll find detailed information about core content, facilitation tips, implementation strategies and out-of-session options. Facilitation strategies allow you to adjust dose and intensity to your program’s specific needs.

Customize a Curriculum for Your State

Twenty-one states currently work with The Change Companies® for uniquely tailored materials to meet their needs. We can collaborate with your state’s team of experts and design custom impaired driving resources. Customization provides the opportunity to include laws, penalties, statistics and other information unique to your state. These materials contribute to greater program quality, improved engagement, increased buy-in and successful implementation.

The Change Companies® currently provides customized DUI/DWI, youth offender, multiple offender, traffic safety or impaired driving prevention curriculum services to Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Hawaii, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

Engage Participants with Video Segments

Impaired Driving: Awareness takes a close-up view of impaired driving offenses and their widespread impact. This thought-provoking DVD is a valuable resource for programs that help people make positive changes to their high-risk attitudes and driving behaviors. The 18-minute video is divided into segments that can be played independently to enhance group discussion and engagement.

Equip Your Team with Change Training

Studies estimate most impaired drivers take 300 to 2,000 high-risk trips before being arrested. To achieve lower rates of recidivism, it’s crucial to help motivate drivers toward behavior change. 

There is substantial evidence that program facilitators often have a larger impact than the approach being delivered — and the skills that promote better outcomes are teachable.

The Change Companies® offers state-of-the-art training solutions for impaired driving programs. Our training is focused on improving conversations about change, promoting quality relationships and effectively implementing the Interactive Journaling® curriculum.

Opportunities for change improve when facilitators engage people using a style of collaborative, empathic communication; recognize that ambivalence about change is normal; draw out people’s needs and motivations; and evoke strengths and hope. Our training model focuses on trainees’ motivation to learn and lasting skill retention.