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Ready-made Substance Abuse Group Curriculum

Substance abuse treatment plan
CBT for substance abuse
Motivational interviewing substance abuse

Interactive Journaling® provides ready-made resources to engage and motivate participants in a substance abuse treatment program. These Interactive Journaling® treatment curricula are flexible, modular and compatible with nationally recognized criteria. They can be structured to fit the needs of any substance abuse treatment plan. The Change Companies® also offers a complete system of clinically driven diagnostic, placement, service planning and outcome resources.

The structured and experiential writing process of Interactive Journaling® motivates and guides participants toward positive life change. Interactive Journaling® is a cost-effective process that adds consistency and structure to the entire range of treatment goals for substance abuse.

This evidence-based behavior change practice incorporates cognitive-behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing and the transtheoretical model of behavior change.

You can use Interactive Journaling® to incorporate current research on behavior change, plus:

  • Build consistency from site to site, facilitator to facilitator
  • Prepare quickly with user-friendly facilitator guides
  • Get to the heart of participants’ substance abuse issues more quickly
  • Help participants understand that change is possible and they are responsible for making it happen

Please contact us for a free consultation on Interactive Journaling® at 888-889-8866

The Change Companies® collaborates with leading researchers, innovative program managers and service providers to stay on the cutting edge of behavior change science and application models.

Work with us to select Journals that support your participants’ needs. You’ll find a fit for any program based on the transtheoretical model of change, motivational interviewing, cognitive-behavioral therapy and the 12-Step approach to substance abuse treatment.

Want to know more about implementing Interactive Journaling® in your substance abuse treatment program? We would love to help!