Stay up to date with the most advanced criteria for addiction treatment

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The ASAM Criteria applies the newest science in the field of addiction medicine, is compliant with the DSM-5 and incorporates a user-friendly functionality.

ASAM® and Interactive Journals

Interactive Journals integrate well with the
ASAM requirements

Deliver individualized care and maintain consistency to service delivery, all while keeping program participants engaged and focused on their change goals.

interactive journals shown connected with an ASAM book

Curricula Aligning with the Dimensions of ASAM

journals in the mee series

MEE Journal System

Support participants in turning substance use treatment goals into personal steps for change. In addition, this Journal series specifically aligns with the six dimensions of the ASAM criteria.

chart showing alignment of ASAM dimensions
journals in the KIDS series

Keep It Direct and Simple Journal System

The Keep It Direct and Simple approach highlights core concepts appropriate for the adolescent using a nonjudgmental focus on positive, strength-based strategies.

chart showing alignment of ASAM dimensions